Friday, 31 October 2014

Another Pro Boxer Successfully Using The Inferno Wrap - Review

The Inferno Wrap is not only used by every day people and medical professionals - many professional athletes come to us for help in overcoming injuries and conditions

One of our favorites whom we have dealt with was professional boxer, Brian Minto.

In such a demanding sport, Brian could not simply take time off from training to heal a case of Plantar Fasciitis. He needed help and he needed it now! We are happy he turned to us for help and here are some statements he is letting us share...

 "I am treating plantar fasciitis and I am a professional boxer."

"We do a lot of running and jumping rope, which is all very demanding on my feet."

"I've tried  orthotics
  and  cortisone  injections and none gave me the relief I have with the AidMyPlantar products! I had searched online for an alternative and found it."

"The best part is no co-pay every time I treat myself with these products. You can have relief from pain in your feet and your wallet".

Brian Minto

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lower Back Pain & Chronic Snapping Hip Syndrome

Two years ago, after returning to the gym for the first time in over a decade, I developed intense lower back pain which radiated into my left hip and leg. I also developed snapping hip syndrome.

After many expensive visits to a chiropractor and physical therapist, I gained some relief, but still experienced constant low level pain in the injured areas with episodes of intense debilitating pain which interfered with my sleep and work.

After searching online for alternative and cost effective self treatment methods, I discovered your website and purchased your Back/Hip Inferno Wrap and Back/Hip Freezie Wrap.

Within a short period of time of using these products, I noticed a huge reduction in pain. Two months later, the pain is barely noticeable, the snapping hip syndrome is an unpleasant memory and I feel that significant long term healing of chronic injuries is taking place.

I absolutely LOVE your products, and enthusiastically recommend them to everyone I meet who is experiencing similar pain issues. Kudos to Paul and everyone in your customer service department which is beyond compare in terms of knowledge, promptness and genuine concern for your customers!

Stephen from Tennessee

Monday, 27 October 2014

Heat Wrap Therapy Can Reduce Post-Exercise Low Back Pain

A recent study concluded that it is now possible to avoid some of the muscle pain and muscle strain that typically follows strenuous exercise involving the lower back muscles. The study, which had more than 60 participants, tested the effectiveness of preventative low level heat wrap therapy for low back delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Analysis by the U.S. Spine & Sport Foundation concluded that it is possible to minimize delayed-onset muscle soreness by using wearable low level heat wraps across the lumbar region before exercise (back extension exercises on machines) begins and immediately thereafter.

Please click below to continue reading the article...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Therapist Uses the Inferno Wrap for Her Own Injuries

The first time I used the shoulder inferno wrap and the freezie wrap was to treat a rotator cuff injury I sustained from over use and aging.

I was in my early 60's and an avid tennis player, kayaker, skier, hiker and biker for most of my life.  Doctors were recommending surgery but I opted for physical therapy. This helped but did not give me the relief I needed to continue with all of my athletic activities.

Then I started using your product. After activities where I used my shoulder, even weight training, I used the Freezie Wrap followed by the Inferno Wrap.  Then I used the inferno wrap periodically throughout the day while at work.

I'm a therapist and my clients were OK with me wearing the wrap during sessions if I felt the need to. I experienced the ability to use my shoulder and be completely pain free. I was thrilled.

Then at age 65 I began to have achilles tendon inflammation which became extremely painful. Doctors explained to me that as we age tendons lose flexibility and are more prone to injury. I bought that explanation to a point but again tried physical therapy, prolonged stretching, Ibuprofen and rest. I had relief if I used large regular doses of anti-inflamatory medications but was concerned about the long term negative affects of the meds.

I purchased the Ankle inferno and freezie wrap and began the same routine I had used with my rotator cuff injury.  I'm happy to say the results were the same. Even this aging body was able to repair and stretch my achilles tendon with exercise, and the cold and warm treatments from your products.

Now I am still playing tennis and doing all of my other activities and I remain pain free. After athletics I use the freezie wrap followed by the inferno wrap.  Also, before I play racket sports or hike I use the inferno wrap on my ankle and follow with gentle stretching.  When I get home I use the freezie wrap.

Who knows how long I will be able to continue my active life style.  But right now I know that these products are enabling me to be an active, vibrant, aging woman who can (almost) keep up with my kids. I should add that I also maintain a healthy weight, train with weights,  exercise every day and eat a plant based diet with lean protein. Even my healthy lifestyle wasn't enough to prevent these nagging injuries that become more prevalent as we age.

So....thanks for making a great product ...... and my life more manageable.

Pat DeCoste

Review From a Customer Who Has Purchased Four Inferno Wraps

I love the products and I can definitely tell they are making a big difference in my healing. I just wish I had known of your products even sooner.

I was in a serious motorcycle accident back in July and broke 17 bones, had a collapsed lung, and had numerous twists and sprains along with a lot of swelling. I was in the intensive care unit for 7 days and then in the hospital for 7 more before I was able to go home.

To make a long story short, since using your products my pain level has gone down immensely and the swelling is finally under control. I even take the Inferno wrist and back wrap to work and use it since I have a desk job that makes it possible.

I am down to just walking with a cane now and will probably be able to get rid of that in about two weeks. I did twenty minutes on the stationary bike yesterday and walked for 1/2 mile on our treadmill. Within another couple months I hope to be back to jogging several miles every other day.

The four Inferno Wraps and two Cold Cure products, along with lots of prayers on my behalf, have helped make the difference.

Thanks again you guys for your products!

Steve Brown
Vice President in Banking Industry


Nine months later, Steve was gracious enough to send us an update on his initial letter...

Also, here is a little more about my status now. I just ran the Peachtree Road Race (a 10K event – 6.2 miles) in 9:07 per mile. That was back on July 4. I just ran a 5K (3.1 miles) in 8:22 per mile this last weekend. I truly believe the wraps helped me get that level of fitness back. Many people my age (55) don't even ever get in that kind of shape, let alone a year after a major accident with all the complications that I had.

I still use the Freezie Wraps after running when I can and I still regularly use the Inferno Wraps before many of my runs and exercise to warm things up.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Repeat Customer Loves The Inferno and Customer Service

It's refreshing to hear your sincere concern for the health benefit of your products to your customers. 

I'm a repeat customer.  I purchased my first elbow inferno wrap about five years ago.  I use it all the time, since I play tennis about 4 to 5 times a week. 

For years I've been recommending your products to tennis playing friends who complain about painful joints, and I'm always surprised how few actually want to invest the money into healing themselves.  They'd rather use neoprene sleeves, braces or compression devices, which don't work very well and have no healing effect.  I guess they just think it's normal to suffer and stop playing at regular intervals.

Thanks for great products.

Steve DeWitt

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Where To Get Your Own Knee Inferno Wrap

As noted in the two posts below, the Knee Inferno Wrap appears to be very beneficial in dealing with a variety of knee related conditions including ligament tears/strains along with issues affecting the meniscus (cartilage).

Consistent conservative treatment with a Knee Inferno Wrap® will stimulate blood flow to soothe your pain and treat damaged tissue - providing an incredible therapeutic experience!

To view more information on the Inferno Knee Wrap and to help determine if it would be a viable option for you, please call us toll free 1-866-237-9608 or please click the link below:

Published Article Indicates the Inferno Wrap is a Great Option for Healing Ligament Injuries

Sara Stringer is freelance writer who enjoys writing about natural health alternatives. Sara wrote a fantastic article regarding treatments for ligament injuries.

One of the treatments Sara wrote about was the Inferno Wrap!

"There are some heating products available that have been built on the basis of innovative science and technology. One of the great recovery options available is Inferno Wrap. This item promotes deep tissue healing and eliminates build-up of toxins."

"Wraps like Inferno wrap also allow individuals to move freely and they are easily portable, which means you can take your treatment solution wherever you go. They have the potential to prevent your condition from becoming chronic."

Friday, 17 October 2014

Knee Inferno Wrap Review from Mixed Martial Artist

The Knee Inferno Wrap is single-handily the best investment I have ever made for my knees, ever! Allow me to explain why, starting with a little knee history. In 1989 I tore my right ACL playing intramural basketball at a local community college. The college picked a cheap doctor & treated me as if I only had a torn meniscus. As a student, I did not have insurance of my own & I thought it was normal for my knee to keep popping out of socket after having surgery.

About five years later, I’m now living in Houston Texas, I broke my knee again, really bad, couldn’t walk, severe damage. Had insurance this time and really great doctor (little did I know he was the Houston Oilers Team doctor) and he finds that my ACL had been torn all these years & I would be lucky to save it but probably have to have a cadaver ACL, sorry but that was out of the question, it freaked me out thinking about it. Doctor saved my knee, made it really tight & rehab was really difficult. Since 1994 I have not been able to bend my knee & put the back of my heal to my hip, always had about a 3-4 inch gap. After the first two days using the Inferno Wrap I was touching my heal to my butt, WOW! I have also had my left meniscus operated on & had the same issue, but not as bad, now I can completely sit down on my left knee with no pain, the right is still coming along but at least I can still sit down on top my feet.

I’m 48 years old, I am extremely active for my age, I’m a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor & competitive fighter. I starting competing this summer & won my first tournament in June, not long after I got the Knee Inferno. I was able to take it with me, use it before my match & able to fight like never before. I took up long-boarding as well as a means of cardio training since I hate to run for the oblivious reasons, and it has been a great joy to do that. The Knee Inferno is a part of me now for the rest of my life, I use it every night (sometimes I forget) and the difference in the morning is incredible.

I tell everyone in my gym that have knee problems, & as you can imaging we have knee issues in an MMA gym. Please let me know what I can do to do that.
Jeff Martinez 
Jiu Jitsu instructor & competitive fighter

Shoulder Inferno Wrap Review from Professional Boxer

Molly McConnell is a former two-time world boxing champion and runs a boxing academy in the great state of Oregon. Molly has been a happy user of Inferno Wrap for quite awhile now. I will let Molly's words speak for themselves...

"As a professional athlete, my body takes a lot of abuse during training. Boxing is very strenuous on the arms and shoulders and I have had a rotatorcuff injury for the past two years. The shoulders don’t get a lot of blood flow, so injuries don’t heal properly on their own. The injury had gotten so bad, I thought I might have to retire from the ring. Then I started using the Inferno Wrap and the Freezie Wrap every day.

I have been using the Inferno before a work out and up to 3 times a day. I use the Freezie after my work out or if I feel my knee is inflamed.

I use the Inferno Wrap before my workouts to relax and loosen up the muscles in my shoulder and increase the circulation. After a hard training session (sometimes up to 3 hours), I use the Freezie Wrap to deal with any remaining inflammation. My shoulder has felt better in the past two months than it has in the past two years!

I highly recommend both of these products to anyone with a chronic injury who is saddled with daily pain."

Molly McConnell, Top World Ranked Professional Female Boxer, Oregon

Molly McConnell and Sugar Ray Leonard

The complete Inferno and Freezie Wrap lines are available here:

Monday, 13 October 2014

Back/Hip Inferno Wrap - F.D.A. registered device

Here is information on how you can obtain your own Back/Hip Inferno Wrap:

Back/Hip Inferno review and an incredible story...

I purchased the Back/Hip Inferno Wrap in a last-ditch effort to help a partially torn gluteus medius tendon in my left hip.

Here’s the story:

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 14 years. I know pain and I usually know how to deal with it. However, for the entire year of 2013, I had horrible left hip pain. I was told it was probably bursitis and had several injections into the hip joint and bursa.

Finally, in September 2013 I had an MRI which showed a partially torn gluteus medius tendon. My pain management physician said to me, “There’s absolutely nothing I can do for you, go see an orthopedic surgeon.” The orthopedic surgeon told me, “It’s not bad enough for surgery. There’s absolutely nothing I can do for you, use a cane and rest for six months to a year.”

I was devastated that there seemed to be no help and my fibromyalgia pain medications could not even touch the hip pain. So, I used a cane and did my best to rest, but I have my own catering business and four teenagers/young adults in my home. “Rest” is really not in my genetic makeup.

By April of 2014, the pain was still present and intense. I would have a couple of weeks of not needing a cane, but if I sat down wrong, I’d be in pain again and need the cane. I was extremely discouraged and quite frankly, fed up. One of my daughters was graduating in May and we had planned a graduation trip to Disneyland at the beginning of June. It would be two of my daughters, their friend, and their friend’s mom.

Desperate to try anything new, I found the information for your company online. Even though it was a hit to my budget, I felt inspired to try your product. I used it regularly leading up to our trip and even took it on our trip to use each evening.

Now, in the past several years, we have taken our children to Disneyland and after the first day in the park, I’ve needed a wheelchair to endure the rest of the trip. Forget about enjoying it. However, this time I was so wicked happy to wake up on our second day feeling good and not even needing my cane!!!! I made it through THREE days of Disneyland and a total of 12 hours driving a car with much less pain and stiffness.

I can totally attribute it to the Inferno wrap and quite honestly, God.

I am grateful for the Inferno wrap and still use it daily. Thank you!

Amy Helbig, USA

The Knee Inferno provided much needed relief

Did want to let you know that I was extremely pleased with both the Knee Inferno and the Knee Freezie Wrap that I ordered, the quality is outstanding and should serve our family well over the coming years when required.

The Knee Inferno provided much needed relief while I waited eight weeks for my appointment with an Orthopedic practice in my area - very glad I chose to make the investment!

J Fehr, Pennsylvania