Friday, 21 November 2014

Ankle Injury Did Not Slow Down This Amazing Athlete

An amazing story from an amazing woman named  Lindsay Nielsen - one of our truly inspirational customers. Lindsay had been dealing with a chronic Achilles tendon injury and came to MendMeShop for help.

Lindsay was the world’s first female leg amputee to complete the IronMan Triathlon. She also represented the USA at the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney.

In addition to the great accomplishments above, she has held many records in track for both speed and distance, winning numerous awards and receiving many accolades along the way.

After using our products for only a short period of time, Lindsay wrote us to say..

" I'm now able to run four times a week. My injury isn't gone but it is dramatically improved and getting better each week. My son is now trying to steal my machine to help him with a chronic wrist problem. If you are looking for results, I recommend the MendMeShop."

Lindsay has proven that when you set your mind to something and put in the effort, then you can accomplish great things.

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