Saturday, 31 January 2015

An Example of the Service You Receive When you Purchase an Inferno Wrap

Dear Paul,

In your last e-mail to me you made a very profound statement that I had never heard before. I have been to several doctors over the past 10 years and not any one of them ever told me that snapping hip syndrome was a manifestation of short leg syndrome. I truly think that many of my problems are layers that have had to have been slowly peeled away to find out what the problem is that is causing each and every one of them. I thought about the statement that you made and I applied it.

Several years back I had a chiropractor tell me that I had short leg syndrome and that I had fallen arches in my right foot and leg. He ordered me an orthotic and a lift to make up the difference. My foot hurt all the time and my right hip hurt all the time and so I stopped wearing them...

No Doctor knew what to do for me and basically tried to give me pain medication to cover it up. I don't want to cover anything up. I want to find the root of the problem and treat it.

So, I got to thinking about your statement. (I know it seems like I am going around this same tree, but I will get there)... I am telling you, that one little statement you made took care of my bursitis and my snapping hip syndrome.

I am no longer suffering from any of that and I am sleeping well at night.

Thank you for your statement. You just don't know how much that has meant to me. You don't know me, you have never met me but you literally saved the quality of my life. It took me a few days after I read your e-mail to put two and two together so to speak but it was worth trying again.

Thank you so much.
Vicki Wilkins

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How Muscle and Soft Tissue Injuries Truly Heal

Here is a wonderful article that discusses the stages of healing any type of muscle or soft tissue injury.

To properly treat any muscle or soft tissue injury, a basic understanding on the four stages of healing and how the body responds during injury is needed. Proper evaluation of the wound to determine the extent of the damage will be the key factor in managing the healing process.

The condition of the wound is determined by the following factors:
  • type of activity that led to the injury
  • amount of impact to the injury site
  • areas of the body that are affected
  • bacteria contamination
  • general health of the individual afflicted with the injury
In addition to the affects of the direct trauma, additional micro trauma will be suffered by tissue surrounding the site of injury. In many cases, the extent of the overall injury is greater than one perceives - which is why it is important to take a comprehensive approach to healing. 
The body, in its attempt to achieve a balanced state, results in "stress" being shifted from the site of injury to surrounding muscles and soft tissue. This causes additional discomfort for the individual. As an example, people who suffer a knee injury that is not properly treated, eventually experience pain and discomfort in the lower back, opposite hip, the piriformis muscle, the other knee, etc. The weight is shifted away from the direct injury to other parts of the body to help protect the injury from more burden.
This makes healing an injury a great challenge for some and can lead to a cycle of injury and re-injury. However, with the right tools and the right information, healing can be accomplished.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Within 9 Days of using the Ankle/Achilles Inferno Wrap, I Was Walking Without A Constant Reminder Of Achilles Tendonosis

I purchased the Inferno wrap and Freezie wrap to treat a chronic Achilles tendonosis (Microscopic tears of the tendon at the insertion).

A few years ago, I was experiencing a lot of tight muscle and tendons and I was usually working out (running) tired and not properly warmed up and limber. I started the new year with good intention and determined to work on stretching that included following a home yoga program. I am familiar with yoga but admit that I was too aggressive with the stretching that comes from the 'downward dog' position. I believe this aggravated an already existing condition in the Achilles insertion area, this combined with the stress of a late January 5KM road race caused enough pain in the Achilles tendon to force me to discontinue running.

I sought medical attention from my family physician who referred me to physiotherapy. Through the early stage of therapy I continued to do regular bike workouts. Unfortunately the pain increased to the point that I had to stop both running and cycling. I attended physiotherapy for just over two months going once a week receiving massage to the injured area, ultrasound, cortisone by patch and ice. I was religious in following the gentle stretching and strengthening routine at home between physio visits.

After these two months with little improvement they released me with the instruction to continue with the stretching, strength exercises and ice. I was still in pain and could not run or cycle without causing further damage, walking was painful. I search for other solutions and found the information on the MendMeShop web site.

Although skeptical, I purchased the wraps out of desperation, received the product, read all the literature for use and started into a daily routine.

Within 7 days I started to experience a reduction in the constant pain. Within 9 days I was walking without a constant reminder of the injury. I tried doing a ride and although the short 13 mile ride was enjoyable I started to feel the injury flair up again.

The injury is not completely healed but the progress I am experiencing gives me hope that with a continued discipline of home treatment using the products, gentle stretching and the use of wearing a brace on my foot while sleeping to prevent the tendon from retracting, will in time bring about the full healthy healing of the injured area.

I have found that you really have to be in tune with what you are feeling during the gentle stretching and often back off the stretch so as not to cause repetitive injury to the already weakened area of the Achilles insertion.

John Carey

Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Shoulder Inferno Wrap is Worth Every Penny

I recently had surgery on my left shoulder to shave down the bone to leave enough space for my shoulder joint to work.

It seemed to be healing slowly, until I re-injured it trying to cut down a small tree. I went back to my Orthopedic Surgeon for my follow up and had to have a cortisone shot so I could hopefully be pain-free while on a long awaited vacation.

The shot lasted until September and I had another shot October 26 with a warning from the Dr that if I couldn't get any better through therapy, I would have to have the full surgery with my tendons and muscles sewn up to the top of my Rotator Cuff. I told him I don't want to go through the pain again, since I can't take pain medication due to my daily med I have to take for PTSD and can't take them both at the same time.

So I did some research for two months and kept coming up with the MendMeShop Shoulder Inferno Wrap. I printed all the material and showed it to my Orthopedic Surgeon and he said to try it if I think it will help me. I recieved it in 2 days while out of town overnight. So I didn't get to try it until the following Saturday night.

The next day I did a few sessions and I could feel my muscles ache a little bit, but NO PAIN!!!

This Inferno Wrap is incredible and is worth every penny. I can't afford to waste a penny, but this purchase is becoming a lifesaver for me.

Sometimes I just unplug from the charger, tuck the little 8 inch connector, then I tighten the wrap to make it a compression support and the heat stays in it for hours and allows me to be able to function a lot less painful since I am left handed also.

I will keep you all up to date a few times a week as I progress.

Singh from Massachusetts

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Research: Effects of deep heating vs superficial heat in the management of frozen shoulder.

As we know, Frozen Shoulder is one of the most stubborn and problematic conditions to deal with. One can suffer 18 plus months of pain and agony associated with inflammation and scar tissue build up.

The following study recognizes that a deep penetrating energy (one that can get deep into the joint capsule to facilitate new collagen production) along with stretching exercises can bring about pain relief and better range of motion.

The Inferno Shoulder Wrap is designed upon this premise - a deep penetrating energy designed to provide pain relief and overall enhanced of the healing process.

Standard heating pads merely provide a surface (superficial heat) with limited benefits.


To determine whether the addition of deep or superficial heating to stretching produces better clinical outcomes than stretching alone in the management of frozen shoulder.


A single-blinded, randomized controlled study.


Thirty subjects suffering from the stiffness phase of frozen shoulder.


Subjects were randomly allocated to receive: (i) deep heating plus stretching; (ii) superficial heating plus stretching; or (iii) stretching alone. Both heating groups received the respective treatments 3 times per week for 4 weeks. All groups received a standard set of shoulder stretching exercises. The American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons assessment form was recorded at the baseline, sessions 6 and 12, and at the 4-week follow-up session.


A significant improvement was seen in all groups in all outcome measures except for that of shoulder flexion range. The improvement in the shoulder score index and in the range of motion was significantly better in the deep heating group than in the superficial heating group.


The addition of deep heating to stretching exercises produced a greater improvement in pain relief, and resulted in better performance in the activities of daily living and in range of motion than did superficial heating.

May S. F. Leung, MSc1,2 and Gladys L. Y. Cheing, PhD2

From the 1Physiotherapy Department, Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital and 2Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Knee Inferno Wrap - an Important Part of my Healing Process

I would like you to know that after landing on my left knee sharply enough to merit two weeks on crutches 12 weeks ago, I am now 95% better.

The knee isn't fully recovered in strength, but it is pain free and able to go up and down stairs normally now and in general work as it should. Deep knee bends aren't a recommended activity just yet, though it is comfortable to do that motion at some times but not at others.

In any event, your inferno wrap was part of my recovery process, and I feel a very important one! 

Between the information on your website and the wrap and the R.I.C.E.protocol - I seem to have healed far better than I originally expected, though it has taken time and patience, and I was cautious so as not to re-injure it!

Thank you. Just wanted you to know!

Carolyn Seward

Knee Inferno Wrap - Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy

Monday, 5 January 2015

Why You Truly Need to Consider the Inferno Wrap

A question we here at MendMeShop are asked all the time...

Do I truly need an Inferno Wrap to help heal my injuries?

The simple answer to that question is an enthusiastic - YES!

Applying a blood flow stimulation therapy like the Inferno Wrap to your injury body can boost your body's natural ability to re-grow tissue needed to heal. Regular Inferno Wrap® treatments can reduce pain and stiffness from scar tissue and increase overall joint flexibility. Increasing blood flow with the Inferno Wrap® will also increase the amount of oxygen that is being sent to your tissue AND your tissue's ability to absorb oxygen.

Not only that, but increased blood flow whisks away dead or dying cells and any toxins those cells are producing in your body. Getting rid of toxins can help to create a positive healing environment for your tissue. Instead of constantly holding onto toxins in your soft tissue, your damaged tissue can now receive tons of blood flow that is rich in oxygen and nutrients. This is the stunning benefit of consistent Inferno Wrap® treatments.

In essence, the Inferno Wrap serves as a catalyst in the remodelling process - the transformation of injured tissue back into strong and functional collagen - as prior to the injury.

To read more about the medical benefits of the Inferno Wrap, please visit: