Thursday, 8 January 2015

Knee Inferno Wrap - an Important Part of my Healing Process

I would like you to know that after landing on my left knee sharply enough to merit two weeks on crutches 12 weeks ago, I am now 95% better.

The knee isn't fully recovered in strength, but it is pain free and able to go up and down stairs normally now and in general work as it should. Deep knee bends aren't a recommended activity just yet, though it is comfortable to do that motion at some times but not at others.

In any event, your inferno wrap was part of my recovery process, and I feel a very important one! 

Between the information on your website and the wrap and the R.I.C.E.protocol - I seem to have healed far better than I originally expected, though it has taken time and patience, and I was cautious so as not to re-injure it!

Thank you. Just wanted you to know!

Carolyn Seward

Knee Inferno Wrap - Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy

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