Monday, 27 April 2015

Inferno Wrap Helped Heal My Wife's Plantar Fasciitis - Now I am Using an Inferno Wrap for Golfer's Elbow

I'm a believer in your products.

My wife had plantar fasciitis a few years ago. I did some research and came across your website.  What impressed me the most and encouraged me to purchase was the response I read from your founder to a naysayer whom had never even tried your wraps.  This guy was bashing your products when all others were praising them.  Your owner invited him to Canada with airfare included to tour the headquarters!  Anyway, I figured it was the real deal and so did he after that!

My wife's brother is a chiropractor she literally healed her foot with the use of your inferno wrap and another treatment in a couple of weeks!

I personally have Golfers elbow in both arms.  I've been using the Inferno wrap for about 5 days so far.  I haven't used the Freezie wrap yet as I really haven't much pain and no swelling.

I definitely feel that it's working already.  I'm confident that within a couple of weeks or more I'll be good as new!

Thanks again for being part of such a wonderful company that stands behind its product!


Jim Rossi

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