Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ankle Inferno Wrap Review - It Helped When Two Year's Worth of Doctor Visits Did Not

I had suffered (really suffered!) with Achilles Tendonitis for almost two years, and spent much time and money going to orthopaedic surgeons and finally a podiatrist.  That last visit made me feel there was no hope, but I decided to go on the internet and I found the MendMeShop.

I read about the Inferno Wrap, and decided to call and ask more.  I figured that the cost of this would be a drop in the bucket to what I'd already spent in co-pays over the past couple of years.

The person at the MendMeShop was knowledgeable and very helpful.  She advised me on a plan of use, and offered to be a continuing resource for me.

Once I received the Inferno Wrap I followed the advice I'd been given.  I used it on my elevated ankle/foot three times a day for 20 minutes each time.  (First applying ice for 10 minutes when my ankle was particularly swollen.) Within 3 months of faithful use, I was able to walk without pain.  What a relief!  And now whenever I feel the slightest indication of discomfort, I use the Inferno Wrap for 20 minutes -- sometimes twice a day.

I have recommended the MendMeShop to friends without hesitation.  I feel so appreciative that I found the website on the internet.  I also told my primary physician about it so that he could tell other patients to try this wonderful resource.

Today I'm writing from Georgia where I am visiting friends and family.  Guess what I packed to come with me?!  Right!  My Inferno Wrap!

You all met and exceeded - not just my expectations, which were pretty modest, but my hopes at a time when I felt almost desperate!

My best wishes,
Chris Kelsey

Use an Ankle/Achilles Inferno Wrap® any time to increase natural blood flow in your ankle and Achilles tendon injury. Enhance your body's natural healing process by delivering oxygen, nutrients, anti-bodies and energy directly to the site of your injury. Product information and information can be found here:

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