Saturday, 29 August 2015

Loves the Knee Inferno Wrap and the Service from MendMeShop

The service from the Mend Me Shop is by far the best you could ever hope for. I have spoken to Paul on numerous occasions and his knowledge is very much appreciated.

I own the Inferno wrap which I use for flareups from my knee - it helaps greatly.

Do not hesitate to order from this company..Their products are made well and work. Their customer service is the best you could ever hope for.

Thanks to MendMeShop for their continuing customer satisfaction.

Charlie Sutaris

Saturday, 15 August 2015

It is always a pleasure doing business with a company who genuinely cares

Dear MendMeShop,

Thank you!!!

So far the Arm/Leg Inferno Wrap is helping. My daughter is a pitcher and has been having treatment on her forearm. We are trying to get her well before the season begins at school.

It is always a pleasure doing business with a company who genuinely cares about the quality of it's product, it's effectiveness and customer service. Please don't change a thing about how you do business there are not enough companies like yours in that respect! My family has owned small businesses through out the years and quality of work/product, customer service, satisfaction and respect were always our main concerns too!


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Elbow Inferno Wrap Review - Mended At Home and Now Back to my Workout Routine

I learned about your Elbow Inferno wrap from surfing the net looking for natural ways to heal tendon injuries.

What I read on your site made sense to me. Your explanation of soft tissue injury healing, plus your money back guarantee led to my purchase of your product. I am very happy with the Inferno I bought from your company!

The pain in my elbow, which was a constant shooting pain, is gone! I am still using the Elbow inferno 2x/day (on a prevention basis).

Thank-you so much for offering this kind of a product. With your company's help I succeeded in mending at home and am back to my work out routine as before.

Paolo Laudadio