Friday, 11 December 2015

Knee Inferno Wrap Review from another independent source - TrustPilot

I am a runner and an avid skier - an all season sporting fanatic in general.

Since late Winter, I had been suffering from a nagging knee pain. I paid a visit to my doctor in the spring and I came to find out through an MRI that I was suffering a moderate tear to my medial meniscus. There was also secondary damage to the MCL.

My doctor recommended the traditional methods - resting, some ice, and just taking it easy for a month or two. Well, I tried that and quite frankly, I was no better off than when I had started the routine. Surgery was then contemplated, but it was never something I seriously considered.

Frustrated, I decided to search for alternative treatments and came across MendMyKnee through a web search. I read through the site and what they indicated did make some sense. So i decided to take a chance on their Knee Inferno and Knee Freezie Wraps. With a two month money back guarantee, I figured there was little to lose.

After only four or five weeks of treatments, I can honestly say I was surprised by the results I was experiencing. I did not have the same stiffness and limited range of motion in the morning like I did prior. I was able to engage in many more activities with much more ease than previously. I truly felt I was making a decent recovery.

The good news is - those gains seemed to continue and at this time, I am back to normal it seems. I have no lingering issues and no lingering pains.

I continue to use the Inferno Wrap once a day to help keep the joint feeling more limber and to help prevent the same issues from happening again.

Overall - very pleased with my experience with the MendMyKnee devices.


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