Thursday, 1 September 2016

Does The Inferno Wrap Work? You Bet It Does.

This is the best investment I ever made in terms of a healing device. I have two Inferno Wraps - one for the elbow and one for the knee, but I pretty much use them anywhere on the body where I'm hurting.

 Before the Inferno Wrap, I could only play a limited amount of tennis because my right elbow would be in too much pain. Since the wrap, I'm playing tennis four to five times a week, plus practices on the other days, and the elbow is fine.

 Ditto with the knees. I used to put pain cream and neoprene sleeves on both knees and they used to be perpetually sore from getting beaten up on the hard courts. Since the wrap, my knees have healed up and I don't need sleeves or anything else during play. I've used the wrap on a sore ankle and a pulled back. It definitely accelerates the healing process. I've been recommending these wraps pretty much to any tennis player I meet who has joint ailments.

 The products are high quality and I've used them for years now.

Steve DeWitt

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